Interior Sketches

Class "Young interior designer"

for kids and teenagers 8 to 16 years old

Class "Young interior designer"

for kids and teenagers 8 to 16 years old

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    An interesting and eventful life awaits a person who is trying to make the world a better place. What can be more important and more interesting than creating beauty and bring joy to others? The long journey to art can be started at an early age. Give your child a chance to change their home for the better and perhaps decide on a calling.


    Young designers will create their own interiors in different styles. They will learn how to create and draw decorative elements and furniture. They will feel the style and already in childhood they will begin to have their own interior ‘handwriting’, and this is an excellent “rehearsal” for teaching a child in universities


    It is very important for future designers to feel surrounded by the same creative personalities, to be able to ask and consult with the teacher. To be able to look for inspiration, to know how to offer the client the best option, because an interior designer is a person with a lot of knowledge and skills.

    program of the class

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      our teachers

      Valeriia, teacher of the "Young interior designer" class

      Valeriia – the teacher of the class.

      Architect, practicing designer with a large portfolio of works.

      She graduated from the architectural faculty and graduate school at the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture.

      Easily establishes contact with the child and interest it on the creative way

      Exciting learning process

      Classes are available offline in Kyiv, or online on the FAVARELI training platform. At the end of the course, students defend their thesis:

      -Fragment of an apartment with an individually designed design project

      -Selection of material, textiles, furniture and decor

      -Decorative elements in the design project


      for 2021/2022 years
      от 2300
      • 4 weeks of learning
      • 20 hours per month
      • 8 hours online
      • 12 hours offline
      • 9 months is the class duration
      • contract for learning


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