Our history

Valentyna Fadieienko, the founder of FAVARELI Design school

My name is Valentyna Fadieienko, I am the founder of FAVARELI Design school.

Our story began in 2013. The first group of girls who dreamed of becoming fashion designers gathered in a small room. They drew their first sketches, and we enjoyed communicating with our students.

Already quite soon we realized that the approach to teaching design to children needs to be built considering a lot of components. And now we have our own ‘armory’ of lessons, photos, video content, offline and online support for each student.

After years later, being in a large spacious studio in Kiev, having our own online training platform, we open up all new and new directions that will help children to understand themselves and their destination even better.

From first draw of a kid to the fashion dream

Over the years, we have prepared more than 100 children aged 9 to 13 years old for the contests of young designers. Most of them won prizes, won Grand Prix at different contests and founded their fashion brands.

Unique curators-instructors teach In our FAVARELI desigh school.

All they have multiple profile higher education, experience in international designers competitions, work experience in large fashion companies, have their own fashion brands and are constantly developing and learn to new.

Our managers are friends who can be writen day and night, and you know that you will be helped. And most importantly, the entire FAVARELI family has a huge love for children and to own profession!

FAVARELI is the perfect place to exercise the dream of every child to become a beautiful, stylish, popular, to have a cool creative environment, inspiration and support.

FAVARELI – becoming who you want to be, staying who you are!


Our studio is not only classes and meetings that continue week to week. It is built every day by our students, their parents, our partners and, of course, by us.


Each new lesson, new class is a life that we live in FAVARELI design school favareli, filling it with fantasies and creativity.We achieve what we intend to, we become better and we welcome you to join us on this exciting way that we started in 2012.
With love for every student, Valentyna Fadieienko, the founder of FAVARELI.

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