Young clothes designer for children from 9 to 16 years

Course “Young Clothes Designer”

We believe that to make the first steps to master the creative profession never early. Therefore, our studios are undergoing design lessons for beginners. We invite all young fantasies to these classes who want to bring something new to the fashion world.

Theory and Practice are the foundations of the basics in teaching clothes design. Therefore, the guys coming to our studio receive a comprehensive education. Our experienced teachers unobtrusively tell children about all the subtleties of the crafts. And then the guys do, embody more and more new ideas and together. And the training of etiquette from professionals is probably useful in adulthood.

Already after several lessons design clothes, each student creates something new and interesting. The purpose of our teachers is not to make someone’s findings to repeat, but to show that the world of imagination is unlimited. Young designers must forget the words “difficult” and “impossible” – and then they will be submitted any task.

Of course, a beginner fashion designer will want to see the results of his labor. We will gladly provide children and this opportunity! As part of the course, young designers will definitely explain what preparation for the show. And let the first show be a chamber formulation – the child this event will be remembered as very important. After all, this is the first success and the first glory!

Our clothing design courses are fascinated by even parents. Pope and Moms help young fashionists to embody their ideas, give valuable advice. Children gladly boast with new successes and are divided by newly born ideas. Interest in the overall lesson shares the family and gives warm memories of the time spent together.

Course program:

  • Techniques for building a fashion model.
  • Popular types of models.
  • How it is proper and beautifully draw shoes, hats, accessories.
  • Basics of color solutions: Girls will learn to connect and mix colors, fabrics.
  • Combining various styles in clothes.
  • Fashion history.
  • The concept of color circle.
  • Creating your own foesh collection.
  • Creating your own sketches and models of shoes, gloves, hats, dresses, corsets.

In order for the girl to grown with a good taste and knew how to properly wear clothes and accessories, you need to teach it.

  • In the process of teaching the girls attend the student-workshops (boutiques) of famous Ukrainian clothing designers
  • Participate in various contests and festivals for young designers
  • Attend Museums of fashion

Vacations, weekends, holidays, occupations missing for illness can be worked out in a parallel group by agreement with the teacher, on additional work days, online, or access the missed lesson.

The cost of study at 2021/2022 – from 2300 UAH.

Payment includes 4 weeks of training (12 hours of training per month)

All organizational issues can be solved by phone:

МТС +38(095) 542-95-75

Kyivstar +38(098) 604-94-04

At the end of the course and successfully a courted exam, a diploma is issued DESIGN SCHOOL FAVARELI



Teacher “Young Clothing Designer”.

Being a perfectionist, Elena knows how to most correctly explain the topics of the course so that students get a high result in their work. He graduated from the Kiev National University of Technology and Design “Designer-Designer-Fashion Designer”. Member of the collection at the UKRANIAN FASHION WEEK, Holiday Fashion Week, Ukranian Fashion Week (Fresh Fashion), show “Fashion seasons. New names. ” Member of the collection of collections in the Ukrainian house under the patronage of the President of Ukraine, “Week of British Creativity” in the British Council of Kiev, the winner in the competition of young designers “Pecherski Kashtny” in the nomination “New Classic” Kiev, the finalist of the National Competition “Seasian Modi – Skill Maybutnє “in the framework of the International Fashion Festival” Kiev Podium “Kiev.

Our graduates of the course participate in contests enter Fashion Colleges and Institutes of Ukraine, Europe, America.

Create your brands and launch your clothing lines.

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