Graphic Design

Class "Young graphic designer"

for kids and teenagers 9 to 16 years old

"Graphic Design" class

for kids and teenagers 8 to 16 years old

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    Children are interested in learning more and more new and modern technologies and devices, and we have seen in practice that acquaintance with fashion visual drawing can be started from the age of 9.

    Our class is suitable for all children aged 9 years and older who are fond of creativity, dream of becoming designers and drawing beautiful sketches on an iPad or graphics tablet.

    The course program is designed in such a way that a student can start learning how to draw fashion models from scratch, when there is absolutely no experience in learning to draw with pencils or markers, or on a graphic tablet.


    All classes are divided into the practical part and theoretical part so a child can clearly see where and how the drawn model, illustration or sketch can be used.

    Most iPad models and graphics tablets are suitable for the class, but to be more confident that your device will work as needed, a manager will send you a full instruction before class, with a list of tablets and recommendations for setting them up.

    If you have any difficulties with the connection, our technical specialist

    Classes are online in groups of up to 10 students. will help to setup the equipment.

    Group 16

    The program of "Graphic Design" class
    Graphic design with iPad

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      our teachers

      Victoriia, online/offline teacher of the "Young graphic designer" class

      Victoriia, online/offline teacher of the “Graphic Design” class

      Higher education of the Moscow Technological Institute with a degree in Artistic modeling of clothes.

      Ten years of experience in the Dnepropetrovsk fashion house.

      From 1999 to 2014 she worked as the Head of the Department of Artistic Design of Clothes at the Donetsk Institute of Design and Modeling of Clothes.

      Experience with designers and factories in Guangzhou, China, and in America. Develops her own fashion brand. Fashion illustrator, fashion designer, modellier, teacher.

      She gets along well with children, knows how to find an approach to the most difficult topics. Children have high learning outcomes.

      Exciting learning process

      Classes are available offline in Kyiv, or online on the FAVARELI training platform. At the end of the course, students defend their thesis:

      -Fragment of an apartment with an individually designed design project

      -Selection of material, textiles, furniture and decor

      -Decorative elements in the design project


      for 2021/2022 years
      от 2300
      • 4 weeks of learning
      • 20 hours per month
      • 8 hours online
      • 12 hours offline
      • 9 months is the class duration
      • contract for learning


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